December 27, 2018
Troy Woody Arrested: Bitcoin Trader Accused Of Suffocating Girlfriend & Dumping Her Body

There is video evidence that shows an American bitcoin trader and his business partner loading a box with the naked body of his girlfriend into a taxi and then dumping the box in a nearby river in Manila, Philippines.

The Daily Mail says that Troy Woody, Jr., 21, has been arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, Tomi Michelle Masters, placing her naked body in a box with the help of his business partner, Mir Islam, and then transporting the box in a taxi before dumping it in the Pasig River.

Woody, Masters, and Islam had been in Manila on an extended stay when reportedly, Masters wanted to return home to Indiana, and the couple had a falling out. Both men were arrested after a video surfaced of them "throwing a box" into a taxi they called by using an app on Woody's phone.

Masters had been strangled, duct-taped, and enclosed in a brown cardboard box on December 23 at 2:40 a.m. The two men returned to the taxi after dumping the box in the river and continued on to their destination, which was a local shopping mall.

Both Woody and Islam have a big social media presence, often boasting about lavish spending and drug use.

After dropping Woody and Islam off, the cab driver John Kenneth Quimba called the police and reported the two men and their suspicious behavior. After a brief search, the police found Masters' body covered with scratches inside a garbage bag which was inside the cardboard box.

Both men, who reside in the United States, were detained by the Manila Police Force and then arrested and booked.

Police station head Superintendent Igmedio Bernaldez says that each man is blaming the other for Masters' death, but both men admit to disposing of the body in the river.

"We have yet to establish the motive. The three were here on vacation. If you ask the boyfriend, he will point to his friend as the killer. But if you ask the other suspect, he will say it was his friend who killed her. They are being questioned and the home they were staying at is being searched for evidence."
Mandaluyong police Senior Supt. Moises Villaceran Jr. says that an autopsy confirmed that the victim was suffocated, and that was the cause of death.

Both men are said to be members of a hackers group called UGNazi (Undergound Nazi Hacktivist Group), which hacks high profile websites. Islam has been to prison after several swatting charges.

"Swatting is the false reporting of a serious incident such as a bomb threat, murder, or hostage situation, to bring a large number of emergency responders to a designated area," says Krebson Security.