Black Widow Bites Golfer In Australia

Black Widow Spider

When a black widow spider bit 24-year-old Daniela Holmqvist during the Ladies European Tour, the golfer decided to just keep playing.

Although black widow spider bites can often prove to be fatal, this didn’t seem to concern Holmqvist too much during the LPGA pre-qualifer in Australia on Tuesday. According to Golf Channel, she quickly let other players know what had happened after the bite occurred.

Instead of sitting down and waiting for medics to address the situation, Holmqvist took matters into her own hands. After taking a golf tee from her pocket, she sliced open the wound and drained the black widow’s venom out of her body.

Holmqvist explained:

“A clear fluid came out. It was not the best-looking thing I’ve done but I had to get as much out of me as I could.”

Deadspin explains that Holmqvist didn’t stop there. Instead of withdrawing from the tournament and seeking proper medical attention, the Swedish golfer kept playing. Although she continued to play in the pre-qualifier, medics remained on standby in case her condition worsened.

When all was said and done, Daniela Holmqvist failed to qualify for the ISPS Handa Australian Open in Canberra. Her final score was 74, which is only two points away from qualification.

According to AFP, the spider that decided to sink its fangs into the golfer’s leg was a redback, which is a related to the black widow spider. The arachnid’s venom is known to be deadly to human beings.

Fortunately for those who are bitten by spider, an antidote is available. Since its creation in 1955, no one has died from a redback bite. Nearly 250 people are bitten by the spiders every year.

Have you ever been bitten by a black widow spider? What do you think about the Swedish golfer who continued to play despite being attacked by the arachnid?