Austin Flynn DWI: Arkansas Lineman Arrested For Drunk Driving

Arkansas Razorbacks defensive lineman Austin Flynn was arrested in Fayetteville Wednesday for drunk driving.

According to police reports, the 22-year-old senior was pulled over after he was spotted driving erratically early Wednesday morning.

Upon being stopped, Flynn reportedly told officers he had just dropped off some friends and was en route to his home. But when police asked for his registration, they say Flynn mistakenly handed over a previous traffic warning.

After being tested and showing a blood-alcohol level of 0.14% — nearly twice the legal limit — Flynn was arrested and charged with DWI, Careless Driving, and No Proof of Insurance.

He was then booked into the county jail at 7:10 am and was being held on $1,075 bond.

His hearing appears to be scheduled for March 25th.

Flynn, who is best known among Razorback fans for having “greatest beard in the SEC,” recorded 10 tackles, including 1.5 for a loss in 2012 as a junior for the Razorbacks. His arrest is the first for the Arkansas football program since hiring coach Bret Bielema in December.

Unfortunately, Austin Flynn isn’t the only SEC football star to find himself in trouble with the law this week.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, four Alabama Crimson Tide players were arrested earlier this week and suspended by the university after facing charges of second-degree robbery and credit-card fraud.

All four players were backups on the team in 2012 when Alabama won the National Title.