Bill Cosby ‘Bonkers’ Behind Bars, Claims ‘Radar Online’

Mark MakelaGetty Images

Former beloved sitcom star and now convicted felon Bill Cosby is allegedly “bonkers” behind bars, claims a report by Radar Online.

The entertainment news outlet alleges they have obtained a jailhouse confession by the elderly comic where he allegedly claims, “They’re using sonic pressure on my head!”

Radar, which referred to Cosby as Inmate No. NN7687 in their report, claimed they have a recording of a phone call the comic made where he allegedly believes he was possessed by the ghost of his late mother.

“I am unsighted,” reportedly stated the once-beloved television and film personality on the audio tape. “So I took my hand and I was about to pick something up and my index finger went across – and I’m telling you the truth, this is not a joke and I’m very proud to tell you this at this time.”

On the audio, believed to be Cosby, the man’s voice suggested that he believed his late mother was sending him subliminal messages.

“When it went across, there was a throbbing, and that I think we’ve all had them in the muscle, some muscle will go ‘TICK TICK’ something like that. ‘TICK TICK.’ I put my finger back there to it – now, this is all subjective, I’m saying to myself my mother, who is dead,” the caged comic continued. “Not that she was contacting me, my mother calling me or trying to reach me.”

A source provided Radar Online with a tape of a conversation they allege is the disgraced comedian going on a rant to friends during a jailhouse phone call.

The 81-year-old former star of The Cosby Show allegedly claims that officials at Pennsylvania’s SCI Phoenix state prison are out to get him. He also allegedly stated that he “saved” the women he was accused of sexually assaulting, and reportedly bragged about his smarts and compared himself to Jesus.

“I have empathy for those women! I have understanding for the women. I saw what they were struggling through. Did I put those women in a garbage can? Your society put them in the garbage!” claimed the Radar report of Cosby’s alleged comments.

“You don’t take human life like this, and sabotage it, and rip it apart like Jesus Christ! Now I know what Jesus was going through!” Cosby allegedly declared, according to Radar.

They also claimed he stated, “I picked them out of the garbage and helped them!”

Cosby was incarcerated for being convicted of using knockout drugs to sexually assault Andrea Constand in 2004.

His most recent appeal for release was rejected by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Bill Cosby is alleged to be writing a book detailing his life behind bars. He is also planning another appeal of his case.