‘Fortnite’: Partial Outage Occurs A Day After Christmas, Frustrating Users, Problem Is Now Fixed

For those who received Fortnite as a Christmas gift and were planning to spend the day after Christmas playing it, news of a partial outage is probably not exactly what you wanted to be reading today.

According to Engadget, a partial outage of the Fortnite game has been recorded the day after Christmas. It was reported that the outage affected those wanting to join new games, as well as separate sign-in issues.

A tweet sent out by Epic Games informed users that they were looking into the issue.

“We are investigating an issue causing some players to encounter a problem with game services and when attempting to log in,” the tweet from Epic Games reads.

On the Epic Games website, the status page regarding Fortnite showed that game services were listed as a “partial outage.” Login and matchmaking also showed “degraded performance” during the outage.

Players who were looking forward to a long day playing Fortnite immediately took to social media to voice their displeasure about the partial outage.

However, Epic Games were quick at hand and managed to patch the issues.

“We’ve deployed a fix addressing the issues encountered earlier today,” a tweet from Epic Games read.

“Login and Game Services have been restored and the elf is back on the shelf. Players that have earned the Take The Elf Emote will now receive it as a gift or immediately after completion.”

According to Engadget, further details of the fix were released on Reddit.

“Quick summary is that deploying a fix for elf challenge reward not being granted exposed a latent bug in our profile migration code (the code that fixes up players). This caused players to be kicked etc and triggered our waiting room. We fixed the issue and deployed a new backend, however, didn’t see recovery in login success. This ended up due to “sticky session” configuration having been lost on our waiting room load balances when moving them to ALBs. This meant that there was a 90% chance of having to requeue after hitting the front of the line. D’oh. This should all be fixed now and we are seeing recovery in numbers / login throughout / waiting room / etc.”

The latest disaster comes on top of recent issues which was previously reported by the Inquisitr regarding Epic Games being sued. Instagram star Russell Horning, also known as the Backpack Kid, is suing Epic Games for using an unauthorized dance move called the “Floss Dance” in Fortnite. The dance move was used in an expansion of Fortnite that is no longer available. In addition to this lawsuit, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro is also suing Epic Games for using another unauthorized dance move called “The Carlton.”