Cody Rhodes Says WWE Didn’t Squander Him

The independent wrestler took to Twitter to let fans know his thoughts on his WWE run.

Cody Rhodes in a WWE ring wearing a protective face mask.
Gallo Images / Getty Images

The independent wrestler took to Twitter to let fans know his thoughts on his WWE run.

One of the most interesting stories in the professional wrestling world is that of Cody Rhodes. The wrestler was signed to the WWE for a little over 10 years, and over that time, many fans feel that the company didn’t fully use the performer.

People who felt this way were seemingly vindicated when Cody went on to have one of the most incredible runs on the independent scene as a top performer when he was just a mid-card wrestler during his time in the WWE. This made many fans believe that WWE was missing something with Cody and that they should have pushed him as a top wrestler.

Many fans even feel that the company squandered Cody Rhodes’ talent, but Cody actually took to Twitter to say that he doesn’t feel that WWE squandered him at all. Instead, he feels that he learned a lot from his time with the company.

“They didn’t squander me at all. It was a great place to learn, travel, and grow-up across TV sets. Helped shape the business side of me forever. I just had different aspirations and saw a different path I wanted to take.”

This was in response to a fan who asked, “Why does the internet act like WWE squandered @CodyRhodes? The man was a Triple Crown champ in OVW, 2x Intercontinental champ, & 6x Tag Champ.”

In spite of Cody choosing to leave the WWE to pursue other avenues in the wrestling world, he’s said almost nothing negative about his time with the largest wrestling promotion in the world since leaving. In spite of being almost exclusively positive, members of the internet wrestling community seem to have created this narrative that the WWE buried him for one reason or another.

Cody and the other members of The Elite recently put on one of the biggest independent wrestling shows of all time with All In. The show featured Cody winning the NWA Championship, a title his father, the great Dusty Rhodes, helped popularize. The event also saw matches with the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Pentagon Jr., and a slew of other independent wrestling stars.

Over his fairly long career, Cody has held the WWE World Tag Team Championship an impressive three times. He had three runs as the WWE Tag Team Champion as well (the titles are different). He also won the Intercontinental Championship twice and has been given two Slammy awards.

Outside of the WWE, Cody is the current IWGP United States Champion. He held the aforementioned NWA Championship once. Cody also was the ROH World Champion, the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champion, and was voted the Wrestler of the Year by Ring of Honor.