Percy Harvin To 49ers? Rumors Circulate Around Vikings Receiver

Percy Harvin will holdout without a contract extension

Percy Harvin’s days with the Minnesota Vikings are likely coming to a close but it is unclear where the wide receiver will play in 2013. Multiple sources are reporting that Harvin could be heading to the 49ers.

The 49ers were just won win away from NFL glory this season and with Harvin on the team they could be an even more dangerous threat. Harvin would strengthen the 49ers receiving core and give Colin Kaepernick a reliable target in 2013.

The 49ers also have some valuable assets that they could trade for Harvin. It’s almost positive that Alex Smith will be leaving the team this year which will give the 49ers a little more cash to deal for Harvin.

Yahoo Sports reports that the Vikings receiver reportedly wants “top dollar” for his new contract. The 49ers will have an extra $8.5 million in the bank account when Smith leaves and they could use that to sign a new receiver.

The 49ers also have plenty of draft picks to deal. The San Francisco team has the No. 31 overall pick, three third round picks, and 14 picks overall.

But Harvin may still be too expensive for the 49ers. The team will have to shell out a lot of money to keep Kaepernick (the QB will have his renegotiate his rookie contract after next season) and they’ll also be renegotiating Michael Crabtree’s contract in a few years.

Sacramento Bee’s Matt Barrows writes:

“The Vikings are struggling with what to pay Harvin, who is signed only through 2013 and who is due for a contract extension. Any team that acquires him — he’ll likely want a top-wide receiver contract — will have to face the same issue. Meanwhile, Crabtree has two more years left on his rookie contract while Kaepernick is eligible to have his modest rookie deal renegotiated after next season.”

Niners Nation agrees. The blog writes that Percy is “incredibly talented” but that the 49ers aren’t in need of a top tier receiver at the moment.

What do you think? Will Percy Harvin join the 49ers?