Starbucks’ Black & White Latte To Return On New Year’s Eve For A Limited Time

ThroughKookLensGetty Image

Starbucks is still celebrating the holiday season, and is inviting fans to join in as well — bringing back a beloved beverage just in time for 2019. According to People, the coffee franchise will briefly bring back the black and white latte to its menu.

In fact, the entire family of black and white mocha beverages will be making a grand return to Starbucks throughout the United States and Canada to ring in the new year. The drinks were first released back in 2016, and proved wildly popular — and it’s easy to see why the sweet and flavorful treats have proved such a popular treat.

The recipe for this winter favorite includes dark chocolate as well as white chocolate. Coffee lovers can have it served to them as a latte, which includes the melted chocolates alongside steamed milk and espresso, or as a frappuccino. Consumers can also opt to go coffee-free and simply enjoy a delicious black and white hot cocoa.

Each drink is finished off in serious style to emphasize the New Year’s Eve celebration theme. For a final touch of glamour and fun, your beverage gets topped off with a pile of whipped cream and a healthy amount of chocolate ‘sequins.’ Coffee drinks don’t get much fancier than that!

Starbucks has a long history of releasing exclusive runs of limited-edition flavors, with varying success. Their holiday menu is one of the high points of their year, and December is actually the busiest month for the coffee franchise — in large part due to these specialty beverages, according to Forbes.

And you can bet Starbucks is hoping there’s a social media benefit to the dramatic appearance of the black and white mocha beverages. In 2017, the coffee giant released the now-infamous “Unicorn Frappuccino.” The sugar concoction was a brightly-colored beverage perfectly suited to social media, and Instagram went wild. Not everyone was on board regarding the taste, but nobody was arguing the visual appeal — and that added up to serious sales for Starbucks.

This time around, the company is hoping to capitalize on a combination of fondness for an old favorite, as well as hoping that the striking look of these beloved beverages will inspire yet another social media frenzy.

Remember, if you want to feel a little nostalgic about this old favorite, don’t wait around. Starbucks will only have these delicious choices around for a very limited time — about a week — while supplies last through the new year.