WWE News: John Cena Will No Longer Talk About Nikki Bella, Reporters Instructed Not To Bring Her Up

John Cena is focused on other things and not worried about the past.

Nikki Bella and John Cena at happier times in WWE

John Cena is focused on other things and not worried about the past.

John Cena certainly has a lot going on as he’s filming a bunch of different films, has TV projects in the works, and is still a member of WWE’s main roster. Lately, Cena has been doing the media rounds for Bumblebee which is the next movie in the Transformers franchise. During his time in front of reporters, he is willing to talk about the movie, his wrestling career, and virtually anything else that people want to know about.

But he won’t talk about Nikki Bella.

A couple of years ago, John Cena and Nikki Bella were engaged right in the center of the ring at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. It was a magical moment for the couple which had all of the fans in attendance and those watching at home as witnesses to Cena’s profession of love for Bella.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work out in relationships and the couple eventually split up. After numerous questions due to the celebrity couple being in the spotlight, John Cena is ready to move one from that part of his life and he wants everyone else to do the same.

During the media rounds for Bumblebee, Page Six reported that eight months of discussing their breakup was enough. Interviewers at the Empire State Building last week were advised they were not allowed to bring up Nikki Bella or Cena’s engagement to the WWE superstar.

Nikki Bella is one of the lead stars on the E! reality show Total Bellas which had John Cena appearing on it on many occasions. Cena is also in the spotlight constantly due to his numerous movie roles and being one of the focal faces of WWE, which he has been for many years now.

Still, he’s just done with talking about his previous engagement to the point where reporters aren’t even allowed to bring it up any longer. When he was asked about his holiday plans, Nikki Bella was left out of them as expected.

“For Christmas, I want to spend some time with the folks that I love, and then after that, I’m coming back the day after Christmas to do a WWE event.”

John Cena has been appearing at WWE Live Events for matches here and there, but he hasn’t been back on television. As reported by Inquisitr, though, that is all about to change as WWE has announced Cena is returning to Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live next week.

John Cena is enjoying life and has plenty of work to keep him busy. He’s heading back to WWE for another in-ring run. Bumblebee just hit theaters last week and he’s about to start filming another movie in late January. His engagement to Nikki Bella ended eight months ago and he’s at the point where he’s just done talking about and no one should even ask.