Paulie Calafiore, Cara Maria Sorbello Seem To Split, ‘Big Brother,’ ‘Challenge’ Star Says Truth Will Come Out


It appears that former Big Brother contestant Paulie Calafiore is facing fresh drama in relation to his love life. Calafiore, who went on to become a contestant on MTV’s Challenge series, had been dating fellow MTV star Cara Maria Sorbello for the past few months. However, it seems that they may have split and Paulie has taken to his Instagram to hint that there’s more to the story.

As reality television fans will remember, this isn’t Paulie Calafiore’s first round of drama connected to his love life. He left Big Brother in a relationship with fellow houseguest Zakiyah Everette. While the two initially seemed happy and looking toward a future together, it didn’t take long for things to fizzle out with some rumors swirling that he had cheated.

After that, Calafiore was romancing former Bachelor contestant Danielle Maltby. The two were Instagram official, but then she was left heartbroken when Paulie hooked up with Challenge co-star Cara Maria Sorbello during filming. The former Big Brother star admitted he’d cheated and said he had work to do on himself, but he did go on to date Cara Maria for several months after filming.

Now, as Us Weekly details, it seems that Paulie and Cara Maria’s relationship may be over, too. The outlet’s insider says that Sorbello broke things off with Calafiore after learning how much contact he was continuing to have with Maltby. The source also says that Cara Maria and Danielle have been in contact and will speak out about all of this when they are ready.

People notes that he has taken to his social media to suggest that things may not be exactly as they appear. While he isn’t specific about exactly what he’s referencing, it seems likely that it’s the drama related to remaining in contact with Danielle and perhaps misleading Cara Maria about that.

Via his Instagram Stories, Calafiore posted some thoughts on Christmas Day that most fans think is linked to his reported split from Sorbello. However, the comments don’t exactly provide any clarity.

“There’s always multiple sides to a story. There’s always motive behind actions. Assailants can sometimes disguise themselves as victims. People have short memories when they want to believe a narrative. The truth always comes out, it’s just a matter of lifting off the blinders that keep you from seeing it.”

Not only does there seem to be drama related to Sorbello and Calafiore’s apparent split, his ex-girlfriend Maltby recently opened up about how she and Paulie had stayed in touch. Danielle says that Paulie claimed she was his “end goal” and that his fling with Cara Maria was “nothing” and just for the show.

So far, reps for Sorbello and Calafiore have not commented on the apparent split or these recent comments of the Big Brother star. Cara Maria’s last Instagram post shows her at Disney World with Paulie, seemingly quite happy. That’s the case on his Instagram page, too, in that his last post shows him at Disney with his Challenge co-star.

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I am really struggling today... I don’t want to get out of bed even though I have tons of shit to get done before the Holidays. Control the controllable they say. Well, I’ve tried that. I don’t like to show all my vulnerability, because it gets taken advantage of along with my love and kindness. Most days I feel myself hardening since my relationship ended. I honestly believed I had found my person. He was everything to me. Now the thought of dating leaves me terrified to let anyone in. It’s not like I have anything to give out anyway. I’m trying to wrap any love I still have in me around myself. I’ve been in this place before, after my fiancé died and that life was taken from me. This is different. You’re still here. I’ve been slowly draining since the lies started and my ex cheated on me. The people that know and love me, see how much this has taken from me, especially physically. The “revenge bod” I’ve tried to joke about isn’t some new diet trend, it’s because I’ve been physically sick from the anxiety, stress, grief and lies inflicted on me for months. They’ve seen the messages and emails all summer, fall and now winter. Even this week, begging me to unblock him because “we are important in each other’s lives.” I made a lot of excuses trying to rationalize his behavior and I wasn’t able to come to terms with the fact he was able to hurt me like this. I believe I was shown the person he wants to be but something is holding him back from it. I’m still trying to fortify my wall, all the while knowing, no matter what I block him on, he still has the capability to break it down and he’s still trying. In my heart, I know he’s not a bad person. Somewhere in his mind though, he has made himself believe that it’s ok to continue to tell me he needs me, misses me, still loves me and wants to fix everything. Actions speak louder than words. Today, I can’t explain today. I’ve just had enough. I couldn’t just post the highlight reel. Thank God for my therapist. Some days are ok, some are really good and I had a great night last night, but today, my place is a mess and I can’t get out of bed and honestly, I just hurt. I’m working on it though ????

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Danielle’s last Instagram post, from six days ago, is a lengthy one where she opens up about how broken she has felt due to this dramatic relationship with Paulie. She says she believes she’s seen the person he wants to be, and she notes how he’s reached out to tell her he still loves her and wants to fix things with her.

What is this truth that Paulie Calafiore believes will eventually come out and how does it relate to the complicated relationships he’s had with both Cara Maria Sorbello and Danielle Maltby? People will be curious to see what emerges next when it comes to this Challenge romance, as the stars seem likely to say more at some point soon.