Will Ferrell Ejects Shaq From Lakers Game [Video]

Did Will Ferrell eject Shaq from the Lakers game?

The answer to the question is almost always no, but last night the comedian donned a red jacket to play an official NBA security guard and escorted Shaq of the court and into the locker room.

Ferrell, who has pulled a few NBA stunts before, saw a suspicious looking 7-footer sitting court side during half time. The comedian got Shaq out of his seat, put the big man’s hands behind his back, and slowly walked him off the court.

The Ball Don’t Lie reports that Ferrell is an Orange County native and frequently attends Lakers games. The blog also speculates that due to the dullness of the Lakers-Suns game, Ferrell and Shaq may have devised the plan together to exit the stadium early.

Oh, and there’s one other important detail about Ferrell’s stunt last night. According to USA Today, Ferrell’s name tag read “Ted Vagina.”

The SNL alum is currently working on bringing the legend of Ron Burgundy to life again with Anchorman: The Legend Continues, but could the comedian be working on a new security guard movie? Ted Vagina: The Locker Room Inspector?

Here’s a video of Will Ferrell ejecting Shaq from the Lakers game last night.