Princess Diana's Butler Alerts Pregnant Meghan Markle To Royal 'Snake Pit' & Its Traps, Per 'Radar Online'

Amy Feinstein

Visiting Sandringham with the royal family for the holidays might sound like fun, but Paul Burrell -- Princess Diana's former butler -- says that there are many pitfalls and traps set up for Meghan Markle by other members of the royal family. Burrell says that she needs to be aware of this, and should stick close to Prince Harry.

RadarOnline says that Burrell is warning Duchess Meghan Markle to watch her step during large royal family holiday gatherings such as Christmas in Sandringham, a northern residence belonging to Queen Elizabeth II. Burrell says that there are plenty of people in the queen's inner circle just waiting for Markle to fail.

"They are going to set traps, there will be pitfalls along the way, but Harry will catch her, so stay close to him."

Princess Di's former butler says that there are things which Prince Harry will spot, that Duchess Meghan might not.

"But if you stray away from him and start to do things by yourself, that's when there will be danger. That could prove to be difficult and dangerous."

Burrell says that it's at gatherings like Sandringham that people start jockeying for position, and that Markle would be smart to lay low and stay under the radar -- close to her husband.

"That house is occupied by some of the biggest personalities and egos in the country. Everyone is jostling for position and attention, and they're bouncing off the walls after four days. It's like a pinball machine."

Burrell calls Sandringham "Downton Abbey on speed," and says that Hollywood would not have prepared the Duchess of Sussex for this event.

Princess Diana's butler was the keeper of many of her secrets, and was targeted by those doing dark deeds within Britain's MI6 spy agency to keep him quiet.

"I've made it clear I'll never divulge the information, but I know too much. That makes me a target."

He reminds everyone that people thought that Princess Diana was paranoid, and things didn't end well for her. Royal insiders think that Burrell is brave to speak out against some members of the royal family for the sake of the Duchess of Sussex.

"It's always a risk to go to war against the palace, but Paul is brave by speaking out, in part to protect himself, but mostly for Meghan. He wants her to be safe and be vigilant of the enemies around her."

Burrell believes that Diana would want him to take Meghan's side, and rail against the critics who say that the marriage won't last a year.