Man Kills His Own Pit Bull In Dog Park To Protect Kids From Attack

A Connecticut man shot and killed his own dog at a park after it attacked and seriously wounded another dog.

The man, who was not identified, told police he feared that his pit bull would attack children who were with the wounded dog, so he pulled out a handgun and fatally shot his animal. As the Associated Press reported, the incident happened last week in the town of Hamden.

Police Captain Roland Smith said that the dog owner was walking his unleashed dog when it attacked another dog that was on a leash, leaving it with serious injuries. The other dog was with a family that included small children, leading the pit bull’s owner to make the fatal decision to shoot his own animal.

The story attracted national attention and drew parallels to another animal attack earlier this year. In late November, a pit bull broke free of its restraints and charged into an elementary school playground in Oklahoma City, leaving a dozen children with injuries.

As KOCO reported, there were 28 children on the playground at Fillmore Elementary School when a brown-and-white pit bull broke free and began attacking the children. The dog was able to find its way inside the school and ran through the hallways, causing chaos until a teacher could tackle the animal and bring it under control.

After the incident, five children had to be brought to the hospital by ambulance, and others were taken by their parents. Doctors said they suffered a range of injuries, with some being bitten by the dog and others getting hurt in the rush as the young students tried to run away to safety.

Just a few days before this incident, another pit bull attack ended more tragically. In Florida, a family’s pit bull jumped into a newborn baby’s crib and mauled the baby to death. As Fox News reported, the attack was discovered by the baby’s grandfather, who tried to perform CPR on the newborn. The 5-day-old girl was rushed to the hospital, where she was declared dead. Police were able to capture the pit bull, which was hiding in the family’s yard, and it was later euthanized. A relative said the family had already planned to surrender the animal because it was overly aggressive.

In October, police shot and killed a pit bull as it was attacking a man and a child in a New Jersey park.

In Connecticut, police are still investigating the case of the man who shot and killed his own pit bull. Police Captain Roland Smith said the man had license to carry the gun, and it is not clear if he faces any potential charges.