Rick Ross' Ex Lira Galore Announces She's Six Months Pregnant In Flashy Instagram Video

Instagram model Lira Galore took to her social media accounts on Christmas Eve to share a video and accompanying photo of herself announcing that she is expecting. The model and her ex, Pierre "Pee" Thomas, are expecting their first child together in about three months -- but Galore waited to announce the pregnancy due to some drama unfolding between herself and her ex.

According to Hip Hop Wired, Thomas engaged in a relationship with Galore and another social media star, Kaylar Will, at the same time -- and now both of them are now expecting. Thomas tweeted and deleted a series of posts bashing Galore, and in turn, she took to her Instagram story when the drama unfolded and clapped back at Thomas. She revealed to her Insta followers that not only did Thomas cheat on her, she also accused him of giving his side girlfriends the gifts that he takes back from Galore when they argue.

In the video announcing her pregnancy, Galore wore a long pink dress covered in sparkles. The shot begins with the model walking up a glass staircase, and as she gets about midway up the stairs, she turns to reveal her pregnant belly. The low cut dress showed off her curves and she wore her long dark hair in loose curls that fell over her shoulders. She cupped her growing baby bump in the last frame of the video and gave the camera a wide smile.

In the caption, Galore revealed that she and Thomas chose to keep the pregnancy under wraps, but that the baby was born of love. She added that she was trying to protect the energy she was exposing the baby to, and that she was unsure and scared of the world she would be bringing the child into.

Galore, whose real name is Lira Mercer, appeared in a 2016 episode of Iyanla Fix My Life, where the former exotic dancer revealed that she and rapper Rick Ross had a very rocky, toxic relationship. She opened up to Iyanla, telling her that Ross' repeated betrayals left her feeling emotional and caused her to have trust issues. She also confronted her father, Michael, who she felt abandoned her when she needed him the most, which led her down a path of needing attention from men. Galore gave her father forgiveness and told him that she still loved him despite his inability to parent her.

"I forgive you for not protecting me. I forgive you for not letting me be a daddy's girl. I forgive you for not letting me love you. I forgive you for not giving me love. I forgive you for playing daddy to children that were not yours. I forgive you for forgetting about me," she said.