Michelle Obama Dress During State Of The Union Is From Jason Wu

The Michelle Obama dress from Jason Wu is making more waves than the State of the Union address. Still, this is at least appreciable compared to the interest in Marco Rubio reaching for water during his SOTU rebuttal.

The Michelle Obama dress from Jason Wu is the third time Michelle Obama has chosen the designer as her poignant piece for a special evening. According to Cleveland.com, the sleeveless dress is made from organza tweet and is fittd with a black bodice, leather trim, and a red A-line sparkly skirt (the photos really do not do it justice).

According to the Global Grind, Michelle Obama first chose Jason Wu, who is only 29 years old, for her debut as First Lady in 2009. The second time was when President Obama was sworn into office this past month. There’s no doubt that designs from Jason Wu are now probably getting popular.

While some think the Michelle Obama dress is stunning, others think it’s more befitting a cocktail party rather than the State of the Union. Comedian Abbi Crutchfield said on Twitter that “”Michelle Obama [is] dressed for where she’d rather be tonight #SOTU.”

Some people seem to think that the cost of the Michelle Obama dress is exorbitant. Reports say that the Jason Wu designer dress cost about $3500 USD, which is the equivalent of three month’s salary for someone making minimum wage. The Obama’s have become known for their high frivolous spending, with the inauguration party costs setting a record at over $170 million.

Do you think the Michelle Obama dress was acceptable?