Newly Single Mayim Bialik Is Having A Rough Christmas

Christmas of 2018 hasn't been great to Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik.

The newly single actress revealed to her 3 million Instagram followers that she wasn't doing so well in a very candid post yesterday.

"The government is in a shutdown, it's Christmas Eve day, I'm newly single and not doing so well to be quite honest," Bialik penned in the caption of her photo.

"But the most pressing issue right now is that my cats - after 2 years together - have started a dominance war that involves urine and feces. Long story short my bed is not able to be slept in and I'm sleeping on my couch. Just keeping you updated as to my life here," the actress continued to explain.

The photo featured Mayim who appeared to be resting her head on the couch she had turned into her bed for the night while holding the device she used to snap the picture with over her head.

In just 24 hours, her massive following showered the picture with over 150,000 likes and just shy of 10,000 comments.

While most agreed it was a rough time to be going through a breakup, her fans wished her the best and hoped 2019 was a better year for her.

"Although it may be the wrong time for a breakup, not spending any more time with someone so insensitive is probably for the best. May 2019 bring you happiness as you have brought to so many of us," one loving fan penned in the comments of the photo.

A second chimed in, "This too shall pass, I know the single and lonely on Christmas after been with someone but it gets better, it takes time. Merry Christmas to you."

"I hope you feel better soon. Don't forget that your friends and family are there for you. Sending lots of love," a third commented as they reminded her to lean on her friends and family for support.

The 43-year-old actress split up with her boyfriend – whose name she never made public – prior to Thanksgiving. According to her blog post on GrokNation, she spent the holiday with her ex-husband Michael Stone, whom she shares two sons with.

In the blog post, Mayim admitted to feeling nervous as it was the first time she had sat down with her ex-husband and his new girlfriend for this type of dining experience.

"I want to model for my boys what our family looks like in all of its non-traditionalness. They are the products of me and their dad. It's important for them to see us working together to make holidays special together," she penned in her blog post as she explained the importance of blended holiday meals.

Bialik did take to Instagram a couple hours ago to reveal she was feeling a lot better than she was on Christmas Eve. The photo featured a much more chipper and vibrant version of herself.

In just a few hours, over 32,000 of her followers have liked the photo and just shy of 1,000 have taken the time to comment.

"Glad to hear you're better this am. Keep your chin up," one individual commented relieved the actress was fairing a little better than yesterday.