Jennifer Lawrence Uses Teddy Bear As Paparazzi Bait

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the hottest actresses working today. And because of that, she’s constantly followed around by photographers. Well, Lawrence decided to have a little fun with the Paparazzi this week by carrying a teddy bear and sucking her thumb at Heathrow Airport.

Lawrence isn’t the biggest fan of the paparazzi but she knows how the industry works. So instead of covering her face or using a back entrance, the A-list star has decided to have some fun with her photographers.

Lawrence said last year:

“It’s kind of the same about paparazzi and tabloids… It’s like, yeah it’s disgusting; I wish that we could get away and get rid of it. But it’s what people want, it’s what makes money… We can bash the paparazzi as much as we want, but they’re getting paid by the tabloids because the tabloids are making money because we are buying those magazines.”

Lawrence, who became a household name after the release of the Hunger Games, is currently in the running for Best Actress at the Oscars for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. Lawrence has already won a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild award for her performance and is considered a favorite for the Oscars. Lawrence didn’t win a BAFTA award this week but she may have gotten a new boyfriend.

OMG! reports that Lawrence and Michael Fassbender were having fun together at an after party.

A source said:

“Michael and Jennifer were locked in conversation for a long time, he was charming the pants off her… When Jennifer wraps up ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ she said to Michael she would love to do dinner with him.”


Are you a fan of Jennifer Lawrence? What about her teddy bear?

Jennifer Lawrence at the Heathrow Airport, holding a teddy bear. She’s simply adorable. [Cr: @jlawrenceaddict]…

— jennifer lawrence (@PeeingJen) February 11, 2013

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