Arizona Man Fulfilled Christmas Wish List For Mexican Girl Who Sent It To Santa Attached To A Balloon

Lea van der Merwe

For the past month, children have excitedly been writing letters to Santa with their wishes for Christmas gifts come December 25. One of those children is a little girl by the name of Dayami, living in Mexico. Instead of using the postal service to get her wish list to the North Pole, she opted for a slightly less conventional method, tying her note to a balloon and setting it free into the sky.

The 8-year-old's note, attached to a now-tattered balloon, was discovered by Randy Heiss in Patagonia, Arizona, early in December, according to Remo News. The man had been hiking with his dog in the area when he noticed a speck of red in the grass.

Curious as to what the note was about, he took it home. Although Dayami's wish list had been written in Spanish, Heiss' wife was able to translate it for him, explaining that it was the little girl's Christmas wish list and that it had been intended for Santa.

She told him that among other things, the wish list included art supplies, some clothes, a doll, and a house for the doll.

"I really touched my heart to find it and I said,'Well, how the hell will I be able to figure out how to get in touch with this little girl and her wishes come true?'" Heiss said.

Heiss did some calculations and figured that the note had been sent from Nogales, Mexico, about 20 miles south of Patagonia. Wanting to find the little girl, Heiss shared his find on Facebook and then contacted Nogales radio station XENY to see if they would be able to help. They also shared Heiss' story to their Facebook page in the hopes that someone would recognize the note and the wish list contents.

Within just an hour, they had found Dayami and were able to confirm that she lived in Nogales. Wanting to make sure the girl got all she had wished for, Heiss asked for the station to arrange a meeting between him, his wife, and Dayami in the Mexican city.

When they met up, Heiss and his wife delivered the presents requested on the list to Dayami and her little sister and were absolutely delighted to see their happy little faces.

"Love has no boundaries," Heiss said. "That wall melted for the day. We lost our son nine years ago. So we do not have grandchildren in our future and so the possibility of sharing Christmas with the children was something that was missing in our lives."