The Next Three Months Will Determine Whether Trump Runs For President Again, Predicts Republican Senator

Even by Donald Trump's standards, the past week seems chaotic. On December 19, in a Twitter post and seemingly out of nowhere, President Trump announced the withdrawal of United States troops from war-torn Syria and Afghanistan.

The government shutdown Trump is being blamed for could stretch into January, according to one of his aides, and the president himself has indicated that the shutdown could last "a very long time," according to BBC. Even more so than Trump's insistence on getting funding for a border wall, the decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan appears to have shocked Washington and the American public.

As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, even U.S. Marines stationed in Afghanistan "have no idea" what is happening and remain unsure whether or not Trump is telling the truth. According to military officials, there has been no communication with the White House, and "nobody really knows" what is going to happen next.

As both Republican and Democratic lawmakers continue to criticize President Donald Trump, some are warning that this could be a defining period for Trump's presidency.

In an interview broadcast Sunday, outgoing Republican Senator Bob Corker predicted that the next three months could determine whether Trump runs for president again in 2020, Newsweek reports.

"I do think this next three months is going to be a very important three months for our country," Corker said.

The senator explained to CNN's Jake Tapper on State of the Union that he is "cheering the guys on," but added that the Senate will need to make sure that foreign "mistakes" like pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan are not made again.

"I think it's going to be very important for our country that the United States Senate really dig in and make sure we don't make other colossal mistakes as it relates to foreign policy," Corker said.

"I'm cheering the guys on, that are there. But I think this next three months could well determine whether [Trump] decides to run again or not. Only he knows what's going to do next. But we'll see."
It comes as no surprise that Corker is openly criticizing Donald Trump. The two have exchange blows via social media on numerous occasions. The Republican senator once compared the Trump White House to a "day care center."

Most recently, as reported by the Hill, Trump suggested that Corker had been forced to retire after not getting his support. Corker hit back at the president, ridiculing failure to deliver on one of his key campaign promises -- the border wall.