Georgia Fowler Goes Braless Under A White Suit On Instagram

Model Georgia Fowler shared a new selfie to her Instagram page, where she went braless under a white suit. The suit was buttoned, if at all, so low that most of her body was left exposed in the front. The photo was taken in a bathroom with blue tile, as Georgia wore her hair down in tight curls and obscured most of her face with her smartphone. She captioned it, "blanc et blue" and fans commented, "Beautiful" and "Perfection."

Another recent photo showed Fowler looking glam in a white halter dress, as she posed next to fellow Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio. Sara wore a halter dress, also in white, with a furry bottom and a corset top while she ate a red lollipop. The image looked like it was taken at a party, as it was captioned, "Festivities begin."

Plus, another post from three days ago showed Georgia in a similar outfit with no bra or shirt, as she wore an oversized suit and matching long shorts. The captions revealed that the image was for Chanel's Code Coco and the newest Vogue Australia. The black-and-white photo was taken outdoors by dramatic rock formations, and Fowler wore her hair pulled back for an androgynous look.

The model previously opened up to Grazia about some of her personal information, including what the biggest misconception is about her.
"I hope people see me in the best possible light, but for those that don't know me, don't judge. The stereotypical model traits are so untrue. Most of my girlfriends that are models do eat, are intelligent and are not remotely vain."
She also showed off her down-to-earth side when she answered with the following in response to being asked about her biggest regret.
"I try not to regret anything, there is no way to turn back time so there's no point moping about the 'could've been,' just do your best and trust your instincts in the present."
And as for the one thing she'd delete from the internet, she responded.

"There will always be a malicious reporter out there looking for a story about something, if one article or image was deleted I'm sure someone else would find something else to talk about," she said.

That's probably true. However, it does seem like most of the coverage about Georgia is very positive. Plus, many of her Instagram followers of over 789,000 users seem to support Fowler and send their love every chance they get.