Bregje Heinen Goes Topless In Black-And-White Photo On Instagram

Bregje Heinen looked stunning in a recent Instagram photo, where she posed topless in front of what looks like a glass wall with water drops. The model stood with her left shoulder facing the camera, as she censored her curves with her arms. She wore her hair down and slicked back, as she gave a fierce look. She simply captioned the photo with a water emoji, as fans commented, "Muse," Insane," and "Beautiful."

The model's other recent posts include a series of five photos, where Bregje said, "I've been trying to really make an effort to do my hair lately. What do you guys think? Up or down." The first picture was a selfie that she took in a bathroom mirror, as she wore her hair up with a dramatic pouf and bangs. She wore a black halter-top. The next two photos showed Heinen with her hair down, both in a simple, curly look and a slicked-back hairdo. Another photo showed the model with her hair pulled back with a perfect center part, while the final image was another look of her hair down and slicked back. Some fans voted on their favorite photos, while others simply noted, "Wow" and "Gorgeous."

And while the model looks fabulous all of the time, she confessed to Female First that she has her cravings like anybody else.
"I have the worst sweet tooth! But my guiltiest pleasure is probably Taco Bell. I also love drinking tea with four sugars and eating ice cream in the middle of the night."
But with all that being said, Bregje shared that she keeps things in check because "About a day or two before shooting, I try not to eat too many sweets and I like to get in a gym session the day before. Most importantly, I drink lots of water."

Plus, Heinen noted that "I love Christy Turlington. I think she's the most stunning woman to ever walk the planet and she's such a natural beauty." Her other role model is Adriana Lima.

"My first shoot with Victoria's Secret [I] was with Adriana Lima, which was very special. It was great to see her do her thing on set and to learn from her."
All in all, it looks like the model is doing well and keeping busy with various shoots. Her newest posts include shots from a desert landscape where she wore a white blouse, while another shot showed her wearing a red tank top with an elaborate pair of drop earrings in an abstract geometric shape.