Paris Hilton Poses Nude With Microphone Cord Wrapped Around Her On Instagram

Paris Hilton recently hosted a Christmas party, and shared some video footage from the night on Instagram. One of the guests of honor was Snoop Dogg, who was prominently featured on her social media page. One of the pictures, possibly from the party, shows Snoop Dogg posing in front of a framed photo as he held a beer and appeared to be blowing smoke out of his mouth. Also in the photo was Paris, who posed nude as she was wrapped up in a microphone cord. The black cord was completely wrapped around Hilton, as she appeared to be strapped together and yet held a microphone in her hand. She accessorized with a pair of black boots. Fans loved seeing the post, as people commented, "Legends always together!" and "A true bossbabe."

Another post from the party was a GIF of several photos of Paris with Snoop, as they stood by a dancing pole. Hilton wore a robe-like dress, as Snoop dressed in mostly all-black with a large navy-blue jacket with black sleeves. The post was captioned, "#Killingit at #ClubParis with @SnoopDogg. #HolidazeAtTheHiltons." There were more sneak peeks of the evening posted as Instagram Stories, and it looked like everyone was having a good time.

Paris' other recent post promoted her new products for Paris Hilton Skincare. Her ProD.N.A. is going to be put in Ipsy's Glam Bag Plus, which is good news for her fans who also use that service. Hilton posed for the photo in a dark green-blue dress with a lace overlay. She wore pink eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush.

Recently, Paris interviewed with CBS New York about a new movie that she's featured in, American Meme. She opened up about what it was like when she moved to the city when she was young.

"Moving to New York at 15, I was very young and very sheltered from living in Los Angeles. I had never been to a party or a club before. When I moved to New York, all of the sudden my sister and I were getting invited to every event. We started this phenomenon and created a new celebrity genre."
Hilton also elaborated on what she hopes fans will get out of the movie.
"I really want people to learn a lot about social media and its effects on people. Life isn't as perfect as people think. I want people to relate to that and see that everyone goes through the same struggles and everyone goes through the same thing. People are going to get to know the real me."