'RHONJ' Star Danielle Staub Accuses Marty Caffrey Of Abuse, Court Documents Say, Per Radar Online

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub has reportedly accused her estranged husband Marty Caffrey of abusing her and their children. According to Radar Online, new court documents detailing the abuse have been obtained and the accounts outline incidents of physical, mental, emotional, and verbal abuse Staub and her children allegedly suffered at the hands of Caffrey.

It has been reported that Staub claims Caffrey had a habit of verbally abusing her daughters. The reality star is reportedly painting a very horrific picture of her soon-to-be ex-husband, detailing the torturous mistreatment her daughters have endured. According to Staub, Caffrey, 66, "repeatedly mocked and harassed [her] for being sexually abused by her father as a child."

She went on to detail episodes of physical abuse she endured during the marriage. From humiliating verbal abuse to physical abuse, Danielle Staub has recounted multiple incidents. "[Caffrey] exercised physical control and intimidation by holding [Staub] down and violently screaming derogatory comments in her face," Danielle Staub claimed.

"Plaintiff referred to Defendant's relationship with her daughters as 'a lesbian affair,' purposefully to hurt Defendant by referencing incest and embarrass her about her childhood abuse. Plaintiff utilized disparaging, offensive, and threatening language toward Defendant's children, specifically telling them to 'leave [his] house' and 'get the f–k out and don't come back.'"
Danielle Staub also recalled a horrific nightmare vacation she endured with her husband when they traveled to Anguilla. She described a belligerently intoxicated Marty Caffrey who allegedly embarrassed and abused her each of the 10 days they were on vacation. Staub also claims she was "physically restrained" to the point where she was left with bruises.
"During a vacation to Anguilla, which was gifted to Defendant, Plaintiff repeatedly disparaged and harassed Defendant and her children. Plaintiff referred to Defendant and her children as 'entitled c***s.' Plaintiff purposefully embarrassed Defendant every day during the 10-day vacation. He would become incredibly intoxicated on a daily basis. On one occasion in Anguilla, Plaintiff became physically violent, pushing Defendant down, holding her arms down, purposefully physically restraining Defendant to the point where she became bruised."
Danielle Staub has also accused Caffrey of abandoning her and leaving her in dire financial straits while threatening to cancel her health insurance. According to the court documents, Caffrey didn't believe Danielle had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and that was the reason he considered canceling her insurance. Now, Danielle Staub is seeking spousal support but this battle may continue for quite some time if the two cannot reach a settlement.