Instagram Bombshell Abigail Ratchford Flaunts Ample Curves By Wearing Nothing But Suspenders

Instagram model Abigail Ratchford wowed fans once again with a knockout snapshot of the beauty that showed off her curves flawlessly. In a handyman inspired shoot, Ratchford leans against a paint covered ladder, holding a paint brush. It wasn't the hard work Ratchford put into the paint job that caught the attention of her 8.7 million fans, however, it was the barely-there outfit.

In the pic, which the glamour model posted to her Instagram earlier today, Ratchford rocks a pair of baby pink worker's pants held up by a pair of suspenders that are the only things she uses to cover her breasts. Sans a shirt, the unique shot showed off her curves and gave fans a glimpse of her ample chest. The look showed off Ratchford's rock hard abs and toned arms perfectly.

In the shot, which was liked over 41,000 times in almost two hours of being posted, the Maxim model wore her long dark hair in gorgeous curls that she had swept to the side, and falling over her shoulders and chest. She wore smoky eye makeup that made her emerald eyes pop, and a darker nude lipstick that highlighted her voluptuous lips. She wore highlighting and contoured makeup to make her flawless features stand out.

The Esquire model has been heating up her Instagram this month by sharing several racy snaps with her fans. At the beginning of the month, the sultry star showed off her curvaceous body by wearing a red, garter-style lingerie set. In the photo series, Ratchford poses with a beautiful red rose, and ends the set by splaying herself out in the middle of a rose petal heart, showing off her lengthy curves.

No stranger to showing off her gorgeous assets, Ratchford shared another snap in the beginning of December where she wore nothing but a pair of tropical printed thong underwear, and covered her upper half up with her hand, which was also holding a grapefruit. She had her long, raven colored hair tied back in a pony tail that fell over her backside, which was the focus of the shot.

In a 2016 interview with AOL, the Sports Illustrated model revealed that her favorite photoshoot was a carwash scene that ended up going viral after she posted it to her Instagram.

"I really liked the one I did with the American flag theme at the car wash, that one was really fun. The atmosphere and energy on set was so fun. The car wash video was this viral video I did with my friend who's a videographer. I just posted it on my Instagram and it kind of ended up everywhere. It was reposted on a bunch of people's websites and all over the Internet. So that was really fun," she revealed.