Hulu Has ASMR Inspired Holiday Videos

Many may be entirely unaware of what ASMR actually is, or what it stands for. ASMR stands for the experience known as autonomous sensory meridian response, and it is characterized by what is described by those who experience it as a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin, typically beginning on the scalp and moving to the back of the neck and upper spinal region. The feeling is often described as a low grade euphoria that is also accompanied by positive emotions. Thousands of people around the world claim to experience this sensation, and there are also thousands of videos online tapping into the base of people requesting sounds that trigger the response.

Indiewire reports that Hulu is now getting in on the action with a new holiday-inspired video series that is meant specifically for those who get the ASMR tingles. Fans of ASMR videos in general will likely want to turn up the volume for Hulu's newest series, as they take in the experience, according to Hulu.

Nick Tran, the streaming service's vice president of brand marketing and culture, has spoke to reporters about Hulu's newest release, as well as to give a few words about ASMR.
"What ASMR really triggers is when you cue those visuals images in that moment with something that's very audio-driven. It adds a level of sensory. That interaction gives you that tingle in the back of your neck, which in our mind was really interesting because that emotional feeling, the connection that you see that people are basically craving from ASMR videos, the holidays tend to also give you that same feeling of emotion and spirit. So we were just thinking it would be fun to bridge the gap between that and the scenics and see if there was something that could be made out of it."
What Hulu has for viewers is called the scenic "Library Cheer," which features a library around which numerous people are creating a unified art project. Naturally, Hulu's corporate social responsibility platform (CSR) launched this as Stream for a Cause, and its first partner is the American Library Association.

Fans can expect to stream this through the holiday season, and all funds from that streaming service will go toward the ALA donations whenever viewers stream any of Hulu's 10 holiday scenics, which does include the ASMR videos, a melting snowman in "The Snowman," seeing partygoers gobbling up a huge centerpiece in "Gingerbread Home Remodel," and dogs doing what they sometimes do best in "Puppies Crash Christmas," among many others.