WWE News: One Superstar Says He Will No Longer Wait For An Opportunity, Another Hints At Leaving WWE

Even with WWE having two shows in Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, it's difficult for all superstars to find their spot on the main roster. Anyone and everyone has the opportunity to work their way up the ladder, but sometimes, it's just too crowded. With the recent crop of NXT superstars being called up, a couple of those on the main roster appear to be a bit frustrated with their position in the company.

It's truly difficult for everyone employed in WWE to hold a title at different times or even get equal time on television. Still, it's up to the superstars to make the most of the opportunities presented to them and try to elevate themselves to levels at which they don't begin.

Despite spending time in a tag team with Zack Ryder, Mojo Rawley hasn't been as successful as a singles wrestler. As reported by Wrestling Inc., he's dropped down to working WWE Main Event tapings and hasn't wrestled a match on Monday Night Raw since late summer.

Last week on Raw, Vince McMahon and his family announced they are shaking things up in WWE and giving it back to the fans. Along with that revelation, it was also announced that six NXT superstars would be called up to the WWE main roster soon.

After all of that, Mojo Rawley took to Twitter to let the world know he won't wait around for his big chances.

Mojo Rawley hasn't had a lot of time in the spotlight since the Hype Bros broke up, but he's quite a talented superstar. It will be interesting to see if this campaign on Twitter brings him back into the fray of superstars on Monday Night Raw.

Speaking of things being overcrowded on Raw, the always popular Lucha House Party team has been involved in some big tag matches lately, but there is some apparent trouble brewing. It seems there may be some issues in the trio consisting of Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado, and Kalisto.

411 Mania is reporting that Gran Metalik recently posted a poll on his Twitter account which simply had the choices of "the independents" or "CMLL." The only text with the tweet was the inquisitive emoji scratching his chin.

The tweet led to speculation that he may be looking to leave WWE, but it has since been deleted.

With so many superstars already on the WWE main roster and a number of NXT call-ups happening, it's going to become even more crowded. Everyone will have to do their best to separate themselves from the pack and rise up. Mojo Rawley isn't going to wait for an opportunity to come his way as he knows he needs to work for it. As for Gran Metalik, it's not exactly known if he's staying, leaving, happy, or unhappy.