Brandon & Leah Jenner Celebrate Christmas Together Following Split

Three months after announcing they were amicably separating, Indie Pop duo and real life couple Brandon and Leah Jenner came together to celebrate the holidays, along with several members of their family. The couple -- who share custody of their 3-year old daughter, Eva -- were joined by Brandon's mother, Linda Thompson, and brothers Brody and Burt. Also in attendance were Brody's wife Kaitlynn Carter, Burt's girlfriend Valerie Pitalo and Burt's mom Chrystie Crownover.

Brandon took to Instagram to share an adorable snap of the extended family gathering in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. In the cozy shot, the family huddled together, looking laid back and content. Brandon's little nephew, Bodhi, showed off a new firetruck he received as a gift for the camera. The family shared an early holiday meal at the home of Linda Thompson, and in the pic fans caught a glimpse of a throw back portrait of Thompson and her boys when they were kids, which was hung over the fireplace.

Brandon and Leah, who went public with the news of their split in September, revealed in a joint statement that they still love each other deeply and would strive to be the best parents for their daughter, Eva, as Us Weekly reported. The couple, who have known each other since their childhood, married in Hawaii in 2012. They had been dating for 12 years, and playing music together since they were in middle school.

"It is with love in our hearts that we feel it's time to share some personal news with you all. After celebrating 14 beautiful years together, we have lovingly come to the decision to end the romantic aspect of our relationship. We are deeply proud of the life we've cultivated together and are truly grateful for the bond of friendship we hold and cherish today. It is stronger than ever," they both revealed via their Instagram accounts.

Leah filed for divorce at the end of September, and Brandon quickly filed for joint custody of Eva. With no bad blood or drama between the two, they spent the Thanksgiving holiday together at Brandon's sister Casey's newly finished home. Caitlyn Jenner took to Instagram to share the excitement of the holiday and how fortunate the family was able to come together in Casey's new place.

"Congratulations to my daughter Casey, and her husband Michael, for getting their beautiful home finished one day before Thanksgiving! It's gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving to all," Caitlyn quipped.