Radcliffe ‘Out’ Cover Released

Daniel Radcliffe got a lot of people talking earlier this month when it was revealed that he had filmed some explicit gay sex scenes for his new movie Kill Your Darlings. But former Harry Potter star doesn’t see why it’s a big deal. Radcliffe, who is on the cover of Out Magazine, said that there is no difference between heterosexual and homosexual love.

Radcliffe said:

“You never see a gay actor getting asked what it’s like to play straight — to my knowledge, at least, there is no difference in how heterosexual and homosexual people fall in love.”

Radcliffe said that didn’t think much about playing a gay character but was a little concerned about taking on poet Allen Ginsberg. Radcliffe said that he doesn’t really fit the Ginsberg mold but said that’s what made the movie so exciting.

Radcliffe said:

“I can see why people are skeptical about me playing Allen Ginsberg. I don’t look like him, and I’m English and middle-class and not from New Jersey. But that’s what I think is so exciting about it, because people have no idea.”

The English actor said that he was grateful for everything Harry Potter has done for him but said that he wasn’t eager to go back and revisit the film.

“I certainly wouldn’t watch number three, I wouldn’t watch the first two, I wouldn’t watch four. I might watch five. … [pause] I definitely wouldn’t watch six.”

Here’s Danielle Radcliffe’s Out Magazine cover.

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