'Survivor 37' Castaway Nick Wilson Opens Up About The Davie Blindside

Trisha Faulkner

During his diary video clips from early on in Survivor 37, Nick Wilson opened up about playing the role of the less intelligent southern gentleman to fly under people's radar. There was even a moment where Gabby admitted his accent made him both trustworthy and non-threatening.

Crowned as the winner of Survivor: David vs. Goliath this week, fans have a lot of burning questions for Wilson. One of the biggest questions everyone had was simple – how did it feel when the Goliaths blindsided him and sent Davie home?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Wilson revealed that was the "lowest point" in the game for him.

"I think my lowest point was when Davie got blindsided. That was my best friend from day 1. They only had so much time to show everything, and they didn't show how close Davie and I were. And when he was blindsided it was like my best friend was taken away for me. And Mike and Angelina wrote his name down. So I felt lonely and, who can I trust?" Nick explained as he reflected on his final time on the island.

From the moment Davie got blindsided, Nick became the only David left on a tribe of former Goliath tribe members. While that made him feel lonely, it wasn't unfamiliar territory for Nick. As soon as the producers of the show started blending David and Goliath castaways, Nick consistently found himself at the short end of things, being outnumbered by members of the Goliath tribe.

Toward the end of the game when Nick was completely outnumbered, he won the final three immunity challenges, making it impossible for the remaining Goliaths to take out the final David.

Still speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Nick admits he was glad he didn't have to find out whether he would have made it to the end without winning the last three immunity challenges. While he had both Angelina and Mike reassuring him they would take him to the end, it wouldn't be the first time former Goliath members lied to him.

In regards to his final votes and being crowned the winner, Wilson admitted he felt pretty confident going into that final tribal council.

Nick, however, did admit to feeling surprised that Christian voted for Mike instead of him, given their history together. He, however, did not hold the vote against Christian.