Leggy Australian Model Natalie Roser Rocks Thigh Gap, Plump Booty In Tiny White Beach Bikini

Australian model Natalie Roser is a fun-loving, cheerful personality who has become something of a rising star in the modeling world as of late. With her lean, svelte figure and impossibly charming smile, the blonde bombshell has been making quite the impression on those who follow her on social media. In her latest one-two punch of sexy, sensual images which she shared to Instagram, Natalie leaves little to the imagination while -- at the same time -- dressing to impress.

In the first image, the sun-kissed Aussie from Down Under can be seen striking a provocative pose on a rocky beach. Her signature light blonde tresses are tousled in a somewhat wet look and styled loosely about her head and shoulders. Wearing a barely-there one-piece bikini in a striking white color, Natalie shows off a great deal of her fair skin and flawlessly feminine figure. The suit itself is quite flattering, clinging to her enviable curves, and features a plunging neckline as well as a high cut waist to show off the leggy model's thighs.

Accessorizing with a delicate chain and pendant set as well as a hot pink lip, Natalie Roser stares down the camera lens with a breathy expression. She is backgrounded by a mixture of gray rocky terrain and a treeline belonging to a tropical forest, a palm frond jutting into the photographic frame to lend depth to the aesthetic.

The second picture of the series -- which Natalie cops to having been shot a year ago, just before New Year's Day -- features the Australian's pert booty and toned back. Shooting a fierce glare over her shoulder, it's clear that she means business here.

It would appear that Natalie Roser's fans and followers on Instagram greatly appreciated the two pictures. Despite them having been shared less than 24 hours ago as of the writing of this article, nearly 30,000 users have liked the images -- and over 350 people have left comments in the appropriate section.

"Wow that amazing pic... your eyes are very beautiful," one wrote. Another quipped, "so very beautiful and gorgeous hair, eyes, lips, spectacular swimsuit, legs!!!"

As the Inquisitr has previously profiled, Natalie Roser has overcome many obstacles in her path while shooting to social media fame. The iconic model struggles with scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, and at times the condition wracks her with pain.

"There are times I don't or cannot train, usually due to either travel or injury," Roser said in interviews with the Daily Telegraph, "I always love the feeling of the first session back, even if it's light or short."

Not allowing anything to get her down for a long period of time, the Australian's eternally sunny disposition has been perhaps her greatest and most steadfast asset.