'Seinfeld' And 'Friends' Fans Battle It Out On Twitter Over Festivus And Christmas Eve Eve

December 23 is finally here, which means it's time for Friends and Seinfeld fans to battle it out on Twitter over which holiday is better: Festivus or Christmas Eve Eve. While Seinfeld was on the air several years before Friends ever debuted, the Christmas Eve Eve episode aired two years earlier than the Festivus one.

"The One With Phoebe's Dad" was the ninth episode in Season 2, which created a special day for Friends fans. In the episode, Phoebe enters Central Perk to greet the rest of the Friends gang, and wishes them a "Happy Christmas Eve Eve," meaning it was the eve of Christmas Eve, or December 23. "The Strike" was the tenth episode in Season 9 of Seinfeld and introduced Festivus to the world, a celebration that fights holiday tradition where practitioners air their grievances from the previous year. The holiday was invented by iconic character Frank Costanza who pushed the celebration on his son George. Each December 23, Twitter becomes a war zone between stans of each show.

"It's not Christmas Eve Eve. It's #Festivus. And I'm airing a grievance. People think Friends is better than Seinfeld. No freaking way," one user tweeted with a gif of George Costanza.

"Whats this "Christmas Eve Eve" s***. Happy #Festivus everyone, a Seinfeld fan tweeted.

When it comes to trending topics, however, there is one clear winner when it comes to Twitter. On Sunday morning, Christmas Eve Eve was the number one trending topic in the United States, with Festivus landing at number three. The list will change throughout the day, but generally, Festivus always falls below Christmas Eve Eve on Twitter. The trending rankings come as no surprise since there always seems to be a bigger population of Friends fans than Seinfeld fans.

"Wishing everyone a very happy #Festivus! Christmas Eve Eve, for those who don't know Seinfeld," another Twitter user tweeted with a gif of Cosmo Kramer.

While most of the Christmas Eve Eve-ers were just happy to celebrate their own holiday in their tweets, Festivus celebrators seemed determined to undermine the Friends celebration and prove theirs was the one true holiday.

"You, a normie: Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Me, an intellectual: Happy Festivus one and all," a Seinfeld fan tweeted out.

Whether you choose to celebrate your December 23 by getting the pole out of the crawl space, airing your grievances, and participating in the feats of strength, or by just sitting around a coffee shop with your friends, may your day be merry.