'Vanderpump Rules' Star Jax Taylor Admits The Cast Refuses To Film With James Kennedy

Vanderpump Rules Season 7 is in full swing and it seems like the season's villain is going to be none other than James Kennedy yet again. The DJ who calls himself the "white Kanye West" has already had an altercation with Kristen Doute, Lala Kent, and Katie Maloney-Schwartz just a few episodes in.

According to a tweet from cast member Jax Taylor, the cast refuses to film with James, leaving many questioning what is to come of the DJ's future on the show. Jax responded to a tweet from Bravo's official Twitter account asking if things were over for James at S.U.R. by saying "It's been over." A fan took notice and commented on Jax's response wondering what would come of the show without James.

"The season would be dead without him but I do really hate him when he talks about Katie's weight when she is beautiful," the fan tweeted.

As Jax often does with fans, he responded with his thoughts on the matter.

"No it wouldn't. Everyone refuses to film with him, so I don't see how," he tweeted back.

Jax didn't specify if the Vanderpump Rules cast refused to film with him in Season 7, but most of them have already appeared in several scenes with James. It could mean the end of James on the show in Season 8 if the cast bands together.

The comment from the Vanderpump Rules fan is not the first time those sentiments have been shared on Twitter, or among friends at viewing parties. Now that the cast seems to be closer than ever and friendships have formed and mended between former enemies, James is the only antagonist on the show. Many are wondering if he goes, would the series be boring because there would be entirely less drama.

Long gone are the days of Jax and Brittany drama, and now that Lala Kent has ditched James and become extremely close with all of the Vanderpump Rules ladies, what drama can fans cling to?

At the end of the last episode, Katie is in the middle of giving boss Lisa Vanderpump an ultimatum regarding James. After being disrespected at Pride by the DJ, Katie let Lisa know she did not want to work at an establishment where James's poor behavior was tolerated. Fans will have to watch the next episode to see how Lisa responds and what happens to James' residency at S.U.R. This could be the first step in James being pushed off the popular Bravo reality series.

Things don't look great for James at S.U.R., though, as previews show him crying, yet again, during a meeting with Lisa over his body-shaming comment to Katie.

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