Jordan Barrett Shares Behind-The-Scenes Photo Of Emily Ratajkowski's Nude Bathtub Shoot On Instagram

Mizuki Hisaka

Earlier this year, model Jordan Barrett got behind the camera and showed off his photography skills by taking amazing pictures of Emily Ratajkowski. The images were used for Paper Magazine over the summer. And now, Jordan has shared a behind-the-scenes peek of what it looked like during the shoot.

The Instagram post shows Emily covered in bubbles while sitting in a bathtub, as Jordan balanced himself with one foot on either side of the tub. He was shirtless, only wearing some black pants, as he held a giant camera and appeared to also be holding up some lighting gear at the same time. Barrett captioned it, "The prelude. No scenes."

Ratajkowski shared some of the photos that Jordan took that day on her page, which were posted on August 27. The first picture in the series showed Emily sitting in the tub, covered in bubbles, as she played with a shower head. A second picture showed the model posing with just a towel on, which slid pretty far down her lower back. Emily glanced at the camera over her left shoulder, as she played with her hair with her left hand. The second picture was also taken in the bathroom, except she stood by a vanity with a stand-up shower in the backdrop.

"It's not put together, it's not on purpose, not at all! It's just very bright. I don't like black and white photos – that's the only thing I don't like," he told Grazia. But everyone's allowed to change their minds, as Jordan seems to have grown a bit more fond of the black-and-white photos, as several of his recent posts were monochrome. This includes a post of photos captioned, "Revert: Tokyo birthday in & Out," which was a collage of three strips of film, with nine photos total of Barrett.

The young model also revealed his ultimate party idea.

"My ultimate party would be in four days in the South of France, where I'll be! Probably my favourite parties I've been to have been there. Carine Roitfeld is the only person I want at my party. And that's who's party it will be!"