Beyonce Flaunts Hourglass Figure In Barely-There Outfit On Instagram

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Beyonce is slaying on social media yet again. The singer decided to post a series of photos over the weekend, and fans went wild.

On Saturday, December 22, Beyonce took to her Instagram account to share three photos of herself wearing the same outfit, and showing off her famous curves to all of her followers.

In the first photo, the singer is seen wearing a skimpy outfit, which includes a pair of metallic silver briefs, which shows off Bey’s toned legs, a matching corset-like shirt, which shows off her ample cleavage, and a jacket over top that was left open to flaunt her outfit for all to see.

Beyonce holds a matching purse in her hand, and dons a full face of make up, which includes dark brows, natural tones for eye shadow, and a dramatic dark plum lip color. The singer’s long hair hangs to her waist and is styled in braids.

In the second photo, Beyonce shows a more close up look at her face, where her dangling earrings can be spotted, as well as a better look at her hair and make up.

In the final photo, the singer has her jacket buttoned up, and her long hair tossed over her shoulder as she strikes a sultry pose for the camera.

According to the New York Times, fans went wild online over the weekend when they believed that Beyonce had dropped another surprise album. The singer had dropped unannounced albums on her fans out of the blue in the past, and this time fans believed that she had changed her name.

This week, two new albums credited to the artist “Queen Carter” dropped on Spotify and Apple Music. Since Bey is married to rapper Jay Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, fans believed that the singer may have been using that name to unveil her latest work.

However, loyal members of the “Bey Hive,” a name given to the singer’s fan group, were disappointed when the songs were nothing but former tracks that had been slightly remixed. The hoax blew up online, and angered fans around the globe.

“This is a classic dilemma that all of these services are facing. As you open up your platform, how do you ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the content you are putting up there?” Panos A. Panay, the vice president for innovation and strategy at the Berklee College of Music, revealed about the Beyonce album hoax.