Shudder Reveals Their Biggest Series Of 2018 And Curator's Picks For Best Hidden Gems

Last night, horror legend Joe Bob Briggs once-again returned to the Shudder airwaves to host A Very Joe Bob Christmas. Horror fans on Twitter were furiously tweeting support and enjoyment for the final Joe Bob Briggs Marathon of 2018. Shudder concluded the night by promising via their official Twitter account that Joe Bob Briggs would return in 2019.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, Shudder has been revealing some of their biggest hits of 2018, but last night and today they concluded their year-end recap by posting the five biggest Shudder series of 2018, as well as their curator top picks

As most had probably suspected, Shudder's biggest series of 2018 was The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs. In at No. 2 was Channel Zero, followed by True Horror, Deadwax, and Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs has been aired as a special three times in 2018, the first in July which spanned more than 24 hours. The second aired on Thanksgiving and was referred to as Dinners of Death. Last night, A Very Joe Bob Christmas rounded out the 2018 Joe Bob Briggs horror movie marathons with four entries from the Phantasm franchise.

Another original Shudder series on the list was Deadwax, a series about a record that kills its listeners. Deadwax has been critically praised, despite its relatively short run time as a series.

Channel Zero is an original Syfy series that has garnered major critical acclaim and is still an active show on the network.

Also revealed today in what they said would be their "sixth and final day of top five lists revealing the best of 2018 on Shudder" was the curator's choice for best of 2018, a list of five "hidden gems" that Shudder felt represented some of the best programming the horror network has to offer.

The number one curator pick was the movie Cold Hell, followed by Mon Mon Mon Monsters, November, Are We Not Cats, and Satans Slaves.

While Cold Hell may not be one of Shudder's biggest hits of 2018, their curator is not alone in ranking it among a list of great films. The movie currently holds an impressive 89 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Stephen Dalton of the Hollywood Reporter gave the film high marks in his review, calling it "stylish" and "smart."

"Puts a smart contemporary spin on lurid giallo-style ingredients, minimizing the voyeuristic violence and maximizing the feminist revenge elements. This stylish, fast-moving exercise in hard-boiled pulp noir punches way above its weight."
Aside from a weekly series of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, Shudder also plans to revive the 1982 movie, Creepshow, as a series in 2019.