Man Serenades Christmas Travelers At New Orleans Airport

New Orleans, Louisiana is known for delicious Creole food and music, specifically jazz music but music of all types can be heard as it is played around the city, right in the streets. This famous city is world renowned for its district music, Creole cuisine, unique dialect, as well as its annual celebrations and music festivals. The famous area in the United States is a consolidated city parish located along the Mississippi River on the Gulf Coast, and is also known for its outrageous dew point, humidity, and heat. But above all, music reigns supreme in New Orleans, no matter where visitors and locals look. Even inside airports, the musically inclined are keeping up spirits with tunes.

WGNO reports that those waiting on their planes during stressful Christmas travels at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) were recently serenaded by a guitarist who was determined to keep up the Christmas spirit at concourse D.

This man’s name is Edwin Hernandez, and he whipped out his guitar, letting his voice fill the air of concourse D yesterday while waiting for his plane. Rather than stick his nose into his phone, bury his face in a magazine, or sleep during his long wait, Hernandez pulled out his acoustic guitar and began singing Christmas carols such as “O Holy Night.”

Rather than the sound of the hustle and bustle of the typical airport chatter and flow, the concourse was filled with soft guitar music and Hernandez’s voice, warming those around him, while some rocked to the sounds in their chair, listening to his singing. A video was captured of this warm holiday moment in the New Orleans airport. The crowd certainly seemed to enjoy the soft song filling the area while waiting on their planes.

This is certainly not the first time that people, and actually sometimes entire bands, have broken out into song inside the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Stories of singers and musicians entertaining travelers both entering New Orleans and leaving the area are all over the internet and social media. Back in 2017, a video of a man blasting the song “No Diggity” at the Southwest Airlines counter of the airport went completely viral after being shared on social media by thousands of individuals and making numerous news headlines. The passenger was not named. However, his rendition of the 1996 classic jam by Blackstreet at Gate B7 had fellow travelers both confused and amused as they laughed, cheered, and clapped. Some, including airline workers, even broke out into a dance with the gentleman, reported NOLA.