Khloe Kardashian Defends Relationship With Rob Following Criticism For ‘Forgetting’ Her Brother

Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

Khloe Kardashian shared a photo with her 84 million Instagram followers yesterday that paid tribute to the incredible job her mother Kris Jenner had done raising herself and her sisters.

“You are a Queen who has raised multiple mini Queens still trying to be as strong and fabulous as you are! I will love you more and more everyday Until the end of time,” Kardashian penned with crown emoticons both before and after her caption.

In just 14 hours, her black-and-white photo featuring herself and her mother had been liked over 1.1 million times with just shy of 5,000 comments.

Some of her followers praised her and her mother for how spectacular they looked. Others praised her for talking the time to pay tribute to her mother. There were, however, some who took issue with the fact that her brother Rob was not mentioned anywhere in the post.

“It’s a shame Rob Kardashian is a member of the family and he is NEVER mentioned,” one user exclaimed in the comment section of the post.

The negative comments didn’t go unnoticed by Khloe who quickly clapped back to defend her relationship with her brother.

“My brother is my entire world! He is definitely a king. It is a shame that you can’t [sic] respect us for respecting his privacy. You should not comment if you truly aren’t informed on our family,” Khloe said in response, according to screenshots obtained by Entertainment Tonight.

A second comment – that wasn’t nearly as aggressive – pointed out the fact that everyone shouldn’t forget about Rob as Kris also deserved credit for raising a king. Khloe also noticed and took time to respond to this comment as well.

“He has always been a king since the minute he was born! My mom and my dad did an amazing job with him. He is my <3,” Kardashian penned in response.

As Entertainment Tonight reminds us, it was just a few weeks go that Khloe and her daughter True stayed at her brother Rob’s home when they were forced to evacuate their own home because of the fires.

While Rob isn’t in the media spotlight the same way his sisters and his mother are, the 31-year-old has turned his life around for the better according to a source close to him per Entertainment Tonight.

After facing the harsh reality that his weight gain could be threatening his own life, Rob started working with a trainer to begin improving himself.

“Rob has struggled nonstop for years with his weight and he finally seems to have turned his life around. Lately Rob’s friends have been talking about how proud they are of him because he made his health a priority,” the source explained.