Amber Rose Flaunts Thick Thighs & Cleavage In Pink Silk Sarong & Crop Top

Larry BusaccaGetty Images

Amber Rose is redefining sexy. The 35-year-old model and actress recently shared a photograph on Instagram where she wore a very revealing sarong. When it comes to beauty standards, the dominant image is that of lean, muscular legs, but Amber Rose turns this notion on its head by proving that her “thick thighs save lives.”

No other celeb can rock strong jewel-toned hues the way Amber does. The former stripper donned a cleavage-baring asymmetrical one-shoulder crop top in fuchsia. The top clung to her voluptuous curves and bared her sleek midriff.

The entrepreneur then tied a sarong across the lower half of her body. Although the length of the skirt ended just below her right knee, her other leg is completely bare. Amber Rose boasts some thick thighs that she’s not afraid to show off, and she bravely knotted the sarong high on her waist. The silky material brushed against her bronzed thighs as if she was posing on a beach.

Rose wore a deep purple jacket draped across her shoulders. The coat appears to have a velvety texture that contrasts with the silky smoothness of the rest of the outfit.

The model ditched her usual aviator frames for a rectangular pair of shades, which are a bright, but sophisticated orange color. She styled the rest of her outfit with a pair of clear pumps which seemed to elongate her shapely calves. Finishing the ensemble was a pair of stud earrings.

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Thick thighs save lives @fashionnova ????

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The mother of one opted for some natural looking makeup. She wore brown eyeshadow, some blush and bronzer, pink lipstick, and purple nail polish.

Amber Rose posed outside to take advantage of the bright sunlight in this photo. She closed her eyes while holding her sunglasses with one hand, and jutted out her hip in a provocative stance. In the background, white concrete spheres are the focal point in a garden-like setting.

Amber Rose’s fans appreciate her classy look. Over 138,000 people have already liked her post, with 1,200 commenting on the photograph. These numbers are really not that surprising, considering Amber has a following of 18.7 million fans, who can’t seem to get enough of her posts.

One ardent fan wrote, “Without complexes, I adore you,” while many just posted to tell her that they love the skirt and the colors that she wears in the snap.

“Fit and thick I’m crazy for you Amber” another fan commented.

The best post comes from a fan who explains how her own curvey thighs saved her life.

“Literally!!! I got shot in the thigh and it is because of God and my thick thighs that the bullet did not hit the artery!!! It was a miracle!!!”

There you have it. Amber is on to something here.