Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Flashes Baby Blue Eyes & Tiny Freckles In Latest Instagram Snapshot

John SciulliGetty Images

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Camille Kostek is certainly no stranger to the public eye, having served as a former cheerleader to the New England Patriots, as well as having engaged in a long-term relationship with star tight end Rob Gronkowski. In her latest share made to Instagram however, it looks like the focus is entirely on Camille’s world-famous facial features.

In this particular image, the photographic frame is zoomed in onto the blonde bombshell’s face, cropping quite close to the subject. Camille’s gorgeous baby blue eyes appear almost radiant in the picture, and a field of light freckles spreads about her nose and cheeks. Her iconic golden tresses tumble over her hand and spill about her face and shoulders. It appears that the swimsuit model is reclining, resting her head against a thick knitted sweater and the crook of her arm.

Accessorizing the glamorous yet casual wintry wardrobe with a simple pair of gold hoop earrings and a glossy pink lip, the former cheerleader looks utterly confident and content.

In the caption of the picture, Camille gives a shout-out to the Improper Bostonian — a contemporary fashion and lifestyle magazine — and details that this image is an outtake selection that could have graced their cover. She also emphasizes how much she wants to go home for the holidays to be with her beau and her family.

Despite Camille Kostek’s latest share only having gone live a matter of hours ago, as of the writing of this article, it has already been shown a lot of love by her fans and followers. Over 7,700 likes were registered on the image in short order, and nearly 100 people left a comment in the appropriate section.

“Those eyes tho!!!” one fan wrote, while another quipped, “photo of the century, beautiful!”

Camille also copped to one detail of the photographic composition that had been tweaked in post-production, replying to one user that, “yes they are my eyes lol but the photographer enhanced the blue in my eyes.”

Camille Kostek has been making headlines this year for joining the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit family as a star rookie. As Fox News details, Camille was officially named a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookie on October 23, 2018. Making the team was one of the highlights of her career so far, and boyfriend Rob Gronkowski was behind her all the way.

“It feels just unreal to say my girl is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model,” Gronkowski said in reaction to the big news. “It’s just unreal the work she’s been putting in and the workouts she’s been doing to stay in shape… to keep the booty juicy! She’s always been putting in the work and always the time, and she definitely deserves it.”