Mike White and Kara Kay make fire

Kara Kay Dishes On What Went Wrong During The ‘Survivor’ Finale Fire Challenge

Trisha Faulkner - Author

Dec. 22 2018, Updated 6:16 a.m. ET

Anybody who watched the Season 37 Finale of Survivor felt bad for Mike White as they watched him going into the fire challenge against Kara Kay.

During that final episode, fans watched Kara make fire after fire after fire in preparation for that fire contest. They also watched Mike struggle to make fire after fire while the rest of his campmates gawked and smirked at him.

So, things shifted to be a bit surprising when it was not Mike but Kara who struggled with the fire challenge, which determined who would have the last seat in the final three that went to tribal council. Ultimately, Kara just couldn’t get her fire to stay lit and it was Mike who won the challenge. The question is – how did Kara feel about losing that challenge? What did she think went wrong?

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Fortunately, Entertainment Weekly caught up with Kara Kay and asked her these questions.

“It’s tough because it’s Day 38 and all you have to do is make it to Day 39, but I like the fire-making challenge part of it because I feel like I had two chances. It was the final four immunity challenge and then the fire-making challenge. So I truly solidified my fate with losing both of them. At that point, it was up to me, so as much as it sucks, I did it and I lost on my own accord,” Kara said, as she explained how it felt to get so close to making it to the end of the game only to get knocked out at that final competition.

Kara, however, demonstrated good sportsmanship as she maintained she really had no one to blame but herself for losing that final challenge and not making it to the end of the game.

“Dude, I was confident, and this is the reason why. You kind of saw it on the episode, I had made probably five solid fires that would’ve burned through the rope. In my opinion, I had practiced, I’ve done it before with Dan, so we practiced the routine and I’ll just go out there, bang it out, it always works, and I thought that was gonna be the case. And this one, I was wrong,” Kara added, as she dished on how confident she felt going into the challenge.

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Still speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kara also revealed there was a moment during the challenge when she was so nervous, she actually used the wrong side of the flint as she was trying to make the fire.

During the interview, Kara also revealed – in her perfect scenario – she would have loved to be sitting with Mike and Angelina at the end. She just believed Nick played such a “dynamic game” she would have had a hard time beating him.

Despite respecting Nick’s game, she ultimately decided to vote for Mike because she believed he played the game the way she had envisioned playing it.


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