‘New York Daily News’ Publishes Front-Page Picture Of Donald Trump As The Grinch As Christmas Shutdown Begins

Win McNameeGetty Images

For its Saturday cover, the New York Daily News poked fun at President Donald Trump, comparing him to Dr. Seuss’ iconic character The Grinch, and taking him to task for the ongoing partial government shutdown.

According to the Huffington Post, the latest New York Daily News cover featured an illustration of The Grinch with Trump’s hairdo and facial features, and what looks to be a coat fashioned after the American flag, with the words “How The Trump Stole Christmas!” underneath. A Twitter post from the publication promoting the new cover also ramped up the Dr. Seuss references, mentioning a pair of verses from his book, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” in the caption.

As for the New York Daily News‘ cover story, writer Chris Sommerfeldt called the government shutdown a “Christmas tragedy,” as he recapped how it took effect at midnight on Friday, not long after Democrat senators decided against spending taxpayer money on Trump’s planned U.S.-Mexico border wall. Reacting to this decision, Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday night to blast Democrats for refusing to vote in favor of the wall budget, and also told reporters earlier that day that the shutdown is “really the Democrat shutdown.”

“We’re totally prepared for a very long shutdown,” Trump was quoted as saying.

While the House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday that, just as Trump had requested, earmarked about $5.7 billion for border security, all 49 Democrat senators voted against the measure on Friday, refusing to support an endeavor which they feel is driven by racism, as opposed to a desire for greater security at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Talking about the impact of the government shutdown, the New York Daily News‘ Sommerfeldt stressed that it “complicates” the lives of the 800,000 or so federal workers affected by Trump’s decision in the run-up to the holidays.

As pointed out by the Huffington Post, the Grinch cover is far from the first time in which the New York Daily News has taken aim at Trump on its front page. Citing a few recent examples, the former publication brought up a late November cover where Trump was illustrated driving off a cliff in an early-20th-century General Motors car, in reaction to the automaker’s then-recent round of mass layoffs.

Likewise, a July cover page from the New York Daily News featured a Photoshopped image of a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding a horse with Donald Trump sitting behind him, with the words “Who’s Your Vladdy” written on the left side of the image. The cover’s text also described how the “groveling” Trump had invited the Russian president to the White House just days after their meeting in Helsinki.