Newborn Still Attached To Mother’s Umbilical Cord Miraculously Saved While She Hanged Herself To Death

Police in India miraculously rescued a newborn baby after the child’s mother committed suicide by hanging herself while her newborn was still attached to her body by an umbilical cord.

The police received an emergency call from the 36-year-old woman’s husband that she had hanged herself to death. Upon arrival, officers noticed the baby under the woman’s sari — the traditional long dress that Indian women drape around their bodies.

As the Daily Mail reported, an officer cleaned the baby boy and wrapped it up before doctors could arrive at the scene. The incident took place on Thursday morning in a cowshed in the town of Katni, in the Madhya Pradesh state of India.

Once the doctor detached the umbilical cord from the baby boy’s body and provided it with the necessary first aid. He was then rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of a government health facility in the town where doctors said that the boy had a good chance of survival.

The boy not only survived, but is also said to be in healthy condition in the hospital, the report said. Police officer Kavita Saini, who retrieved the baby, said the following.

“When I reached the spot and examined the body, I found a baby dangling under her sari. We cleaned the baby, wrapped him in a blanket and waited for medical help to arrive. The baby is healthy and we have moved him to a district hospital.”

Local police identified the deceased woman as Laxmi Thakur. Per a report by Times of India, Laxmi was nine months’ pregnant when she took her own life. She had four other children, including a 16-year-old daughter.

According to the report, the exact reason why Thakur committed suicide is unknown. Her body was first spotted by her husband, Santosh, who immediately informed his neighbors who then reported the incident to the control room.

Santosh told police that the couple didn’t have any disputes and both he and Laxmi had watched TV at 9 p.m. together on Wednesday night before going to bed. He woke up at 6 a.m. but couldn’t see his wife in the room. After he searched for her, he discovered that she had hanged herself to death in a nearby cowshed.

Medics told local reporters that this might be the first-ever case (for documentation) of a woman who delivered a baby during/after suicidal hanging. Regarding the incident, officer Vivek Lal, the assistant superintendent of police at Katni police station, said that Laxmi and Santosh worked on farmlands to earn their livelihood.

“It is difficult to find out the exact timing of her suicide and the delivery. But it is for sure that the baby was born because of hanging. Efforts are being made to ascertain cause behind this suicide. [The] family is clueless.”