Driver Goes On Stabbing Spree After Crashing Through Tourists

A driver went on a deadly stabbing spree Tuesday, killing two people and injuring many others.

The stabbing took place after the driver plowed his car through a crowd and hitting several tourists. Among the injured was a baby whose mother was killed during the fatal stabbing incident.

The tragedy took place at an upscale shopping area near a resort in Guam, a US territory and tropical island 1,500 miles south of Tokyo. Police have arrested 21-year-old Chad Ryan DeSoto and charged him with several crimes including two counts of murder.

The Associated Press reports that DeSoto allegedly drove his car onto the sidewalk at a shopping district near the Outrigger Guam Resort in Tumon Bay. The driver hit and injured several tourists with his vehicle before slamming into the wall of a nearby shop.

According to police, DeSoto then exited the vehicle and began viciously stabbing onlookers. Among the victims injured was the infant son of one of the tourists killed during the assault.

DeSoto was reportedly seeking to harm as many individuals as possible. According to Radio Australia, documents from Hagatna Superior Court state the following about his confession:


“The defendant later stated to police officers that he had intended on hurting as many people (as possible), with his vehicle initially, and subsequently with his knife.”

Tony Muna ,Jr., a spokesperson for Guam Visitor’s Bureau, spoke to Radio Australia about the rarity of such a tragic event in Guam:

“We are definitely very shocked about this, because this is an isolated incident. Out of the tens of millions of visitors who’ve come to Guam in the past 40 years of history, this has never happened.”

Desoto stands accused of attacking 14 tourists in total, two of whom suffered fatal wounds. Following the driver’s deadly stabbing spree, he was charged with two counts of murder, 13 counts of attempted murder, and 13 counts of aggravated assault.