Santa Trackers: Keep An Eye On Santa Claus On Christmas 2018 With NORAD – Government Shutdown Won’t Stop Him

Sean GallupGetty Images

Every single year, Santa Claus heads around the world to deliver presents to all the children of the world. In order for him to show up at their home, though, they need to be asleep and snug in their beds, but how do they know when to do it? Well, that’s where technology becomes your best friend as there will be great Santa Trackers from NORAD, Google, and others which will help you prepare the kids for his arrival.

If you’re having some trouble getting your kids to sleep or even want to bring about some more Christmas spirit, the Santa Trackers are the way to do it. There are a few different options to do it this year, as in the past, but some may worry that the big guy in the red suit won’t be flying this year.

As many adults may be aware, there is the threat of a government shutdown coming for the Christmas weekend and week which will stop the paychecks of numerous federal employees. Of course, that would put one of the greatest Santa Trackers in jeopardy for 2018, but as reported by CNN, there is no need to worry.

No matter what happens, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is going to be working and operating. Santa Claus will be tracked for the world, even if the government ends up shutting down.

Those who want to watch the trail of Santa Claus around the world can go to the official website of NORAD Santa and follow along. All of the fun begins on Christmas Eve, but there is much more to check out and enjoy ahead of that date.

If you’re looking for some different ways to keep track of Santa Claus, Google also has its own Santa Tracker. As of this writing, the tracking begins in two days and a little less than nine hours, but there are games to play and other things to enjoy while you wait.

For those that may not want to sit at home or watch Santa Claus’ global path on the computer, there are a host of mobile apps to use. Here are some of those you can download, many of which are available on iOs and Android.

  • Where is Santa
  • Santa Tracker – Track Santa
  • Santa Video Call and Tracker

Santa Claus is currently in final preparation for his flight around the world to deliver toys to all of the good children. Before they are snug in their beds, though, they can enjoy using one of the numerous Santa Trackers and watch his stops. Even if the government ends up having a shutdown, that won’t stop NORAD from making millions of kids happy, as they can still track his Christmas night flight.