Meghan Markle Sneaked Prince Harry Into Grenfell Kitchen And Adele Has Paid Secret Visits Too

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Meghan Markle has sneaked her husband, Prince Harry, into one of her favourite community projects for a visit today, according to The Mirror. And they are not the only special guests to have been received at the Grenfell Tower Hubb Community Kitchen this week either, with singer Adele dropping in to lend a hand two days in a row.

Meghan has been visiting the community kitchen, which is located close to the site of the Grenfell Tower fire, since January of this year. In September, she also helped to launch a cookbook created by volunteers at the kitchen and even provided a foreword for it.

However, while Meghan has been a regular visitor to the kitchen, Prince Harry has not been there before, although he did attend the launch event for the cookbook at Kensington Palace. Meghan has also said previously that she has taken some of the kitchen’s food home for him to try.

But that all changed on Thursday evening, as Meghan took him along with her for a surprise visit. A source close to the royal couple told The Mirror, “After the Grenfell Tower disaster, Harry visited the Al-Manaar mosque which is attached to the Hubb Community Kitchen with his brother William.”

“He has met many of the women before at Meghan’s book launch at Kensington Palace, but this was the first time he has visited the kitchen,” the source continued. “He loved meeting the women whom his wife has spoken so fondly of over the last year and is a huge supporter of their work.”

Another regular visitor to the kitchen is pop singer Adele and she has dropped by on two consecutive days this weke to lend a hand in the run-up to Christmas.

Munira Mahmoud, one of the kitchen’s founders, posted pictures of the star with other volunteers on her Instagram page.

She wrote that the team there “Had the pleasure of cooking for Adele 2 days in a row. Wow. What a blessing. She beautiful, kind and very humble lady.” She later added that it had been “fun having her around the Hub kitchen.”

Adele is another celebrity who has been closely involved in the community since the Grenfell Tower disaster. She was spotted at the scene of the fire less than 24 hours after it had started and spent several hours hugging and comforting traumatized residents.

She also delivered homemade cakes to the local fire station which attended the blaze and also performed at Avondale Park Elementary School in North Kensington, which many of the child victims of the blaze had attended.