Banana Joe The Affenpinscher Wins ‘Best In Show’ At Westminster

An affenpinscher by the name of Banana Joe has won the Westwinster Dog Show.

The little black dog was named “Best in Show” at the Westminster Kennel Club on Tuesday night. According to CBS News, the so-called “monkey dog” missed the title twice over the past two years. Now Banana Joe is enjoying a little bit of the spotlight.

Although the dog was originally on his way back to the Netherlands, his handlers decided to extend his stay in the Big Apple to enjoy the perks of winning the Westminster Dog Show. Ernesto Lara remarked that Banana Joes has “won a lot of big shows, but not like this one.”

Fox News explains that Banana Joe is already calling it quits. Now that he has such an illustrious win under his leash, the affenpinscher will say goodbye the world of dog competitions.

Judge Michael Dougherty said of Banana Joe’s win:

“He was presented in immaculate manner. He was on the minute he walked in. He’s in perfect condition, perfect body.”

In addition to making his owners and handlers very happy, the little dog also made history. Banana Joe is officially the first affenpinscher to win the Westminster Dog Show.

According to Time, Banana Joe and his entourage will soon bid farewell to the United States. Although the little dog recently called Pennsylvania his home, the “Best in Show” winner will soon board a plane for the Netherlands. His owners said this is where the affenpinscher will retire.

After spending years competing against other dogs, Banana Joe pulled out all the stops for his routine on Tuesday. As a result, he brought home one of the top honors for canine competitors in the entire world. This marks the second year in a row that a member of the toy group has won the dog show.

Be sure to check out images of Banana Joe and the other Westminster Dog Show competitors by visiting the slideshow at Fox News.