Carmen Electra Shares Hilarious Photo Of Herself, Jason Momoa In Bikinis

Brook MitchellGetty Images

In what could be the very best throwback Thursday photo ever, fans of Jason Momoa can drool and laugh at the super stud when he was on set as a Baywatch lifeguard during the filming of the Baywatch Hawaii series.

Jason’s currently starring in the wildly acclaimed and highly anticipated movie Aquaman. His home, the city of Atlantis, is an underwater kingdom ruled by a power-hungry king who plans to conquer the rest of the oceanic people still alive. Then, he plans to take over the rest of the world above water. But Aquaman, the king’s half-human/half-Atlantean brother and the true heir to the throne, refuses to let that happen.

In honor of Jason’s movie release, model Carmen Electra shared a hysterical photo on Instagram from the pair’s Baywatch days. In the pic, Jason stands between two of the Baywatch actresses with his arms draped around their shoulders. Carmen stands on his right side.

If it weren’t for his chiseled features, lanky frame, and unmistakable eyes, we might not have recognized him. He was still hunky back then, though! Except this time, Jason’s sexy long hair has been braided into pigtails and to top off his red Baywatch swimming trunks is a lovely pink patterned bikini top.

Carmen couldn’t believe she found this gem of a photo and had to share it with everyone.

“Take me back to Hawaii … Hawaiian wedding shooting with Jason Momoa. Hawaii my fav place in the world. Haha! Just realized he was being silly and has a bikini top on with hair in braids. LOL So funny!!!” she wrote.

In a delicious recap of Jason’s time spent on the Baywatch Hawaii set, Hawaii Magazine shared video footage from those episodes. At the tender age of 19, Jason beat out countless guys wanting to star as hunky lifeguards on Baywatch Hawaii, the magazine reported. He was cast as Jason Iaone and was the youngest lifeguard on the show. The series only lasted from 1999 to 2001, but he still appeared in 44 episodes.

This role opened up so many doors for Jason and led him to become one of the dreamiest actors. On Baywatch Hawaii, he rescued damsels in distress. He sang. He flaunted his luscious long locks. He ran around bare-chested a lot. He had ladies drooling over him and he chased a few himself.

Even at such a young age, Jason had such on-stage charisma. Carmen’s #TBT photo is awesome and so are the video clips from years ago of a guy who evidently enjoys the water. We hope you get a kick out of these videos and this photo just in time for the debut of Aquaman on the big screen in the U.S. today!