TLC’s ‘Outdaughtered’ Renewed: Busby Family Filming New Episodes, Adam & Danielle Vague About Housing Issues


There is good news that has just been made official for fans of the Outdaughtered show on TLC. The series has been on hiatus for a while and until now, there hasn’t been any formal announcement from the network about the future of the fan-favorite reality television show. Now, however, TLC and the Busby family are confirming that a new season is on the way.

Fans of Outdaughtered have noticed that there has been a lot going on with Adam, Danielle, and the six Busby kids over the past month or so. They have confirmed that things have been especially crazy, and now they have revealed that they have had to keep a lot of the details under wraps because they are filming a new season.

As Romper details, the most recent season finale aired last October, and now TLC has confirmed that a new season is coming. As this news emerged, Adam and Danielle made a video that they posted on YouTube and shared via their social media pages to provide a bit of additional context.

The Outdaughtered parents shared via their video that they have been filming again for a while, and they think that the new season will begin to air on TLC next summer. Adam and Danielle added that all of the details about why they have suddenly moved will be explained during these upcoming new episodes.

This house situation has seemed rather mysterious to Outdaughtered fans. People noticed that their house looked different in recent social media posts, and Adam confirmed that they had moved into a temporary new home.

So far, the Busbys have kept things fairly vague on this front. It seems that some kind of issue arose in their other house and it sounds as if whatever it was could have caused serious issues of some sort had the family stayed there. Repairs or changes are being made, but in the meantime, Adam and Danielle say they had no choice but to immediately move out of the home until the issues were remedied.

The Outdaughtered stars noted that the issues with their other house took them by surprise and it was an urgent situation that had them scrambling. They said that they love this current, but temporary, house and that they will be there for a while.

Danielle explained that they are working on a lot behind the scenes that fans may be wondering about and even concerned about. For example, she noted that there is a pool where they are living now, but it’s currently not fenced. Busby said that they are obviously concerned about safety for their six children, and fencing will be in place within the next week or so.

Adam and Danielle Busby promised that they would get back into a regular routine of updating fans via their social media pages again soon. Despite the upheaval they have faced with this sudden move, it looks like they are doing well and Outdaughtered fans cannot wait to be brought up to speed when the new season debuts on TLC next year.