Trump Can Get His Wall If He Guarantees Mueller’s Job, Former Clinton Official Suggests

Ron Sachs - PoolGetty Images

As the deadline to stop the impending government shutdown grows closer, one of the many questions plaguing the world is whether or not President Donald Trump will end up getting the money needed to build a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a request that Democrats in the Senate have adamantly refused despite it being the only solution to prevent the government from partially closing down.

Former Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart offered a solution to the crisis earlier today, the Daily Caller reported, suggesting the best bet for both the Democrats and President Trump may be to negotiate a deal.

“I do think there’s a deal to get out of all of this and I wish they would look at it,” Lockhart said while appearing on the CNN morning show New Day on Friday, December 21.

The former official elaborated, saying that he believed that both Democrats and an increasing number of Republicans find themselves at the end of the week wanting Robert Mueller to be able to finish his investigation, hoping that he would be the one to remove Trump from his presidential duties than having to do it themselves.

“If they could put those two things together, that Trump signs the bill and gets some money for a border wall–we could get out of all of this,” Lockhart explained.

Co-host Alisyn Camerota asked for clarification for her audience as to whether or not her guest was suggesting the Democrats compromise with Trump on the border wall they have fervently opposed, to which he responded that on the condition that “they can get protection for Mueller.”

Lockhart further explained his suggestion was the best move the Democrats could make to prevent the circumstance that acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker shuts down special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

“A couple weeks ago people would have said Whitaker would never shut it down. I counter that with a couple weeks ago would we have said we’re pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan and Mattis quits?” Lockhart reasoned. “Anything’s possible.”

The deadline for the impending government shutdown is midnight tonight, and President Trump has made it extremely clear that he will not sign any bill to prevent it from happening unless it includes ample funding for the wall he hopes to build on the country’s southern border. On Thursday night, the House of Representatives passed a temporary spending bill that offered more than $5 billion for the wall, and it is currently under review in the Senate, where it is not expected to get approval.