‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers Hint That Julian’s Got A Mystery Meeting And Aiden’s Troubles Continue

Craig SjodinABC

Mysteries will be central to Friday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers suggest. Julian is about to meet with someone, and it sounds as if this could be an intriguing meetup. Willow has been hiding something big, but she may be about ready to open up about it, and Aiden’s troubles at school have not been fully resolved yet. What else is on the way with the December 21 show?

The sneak peek for Friday’s show shared via Twitter reveal that Julian will peek through the window at Charlie’s and mutter about how he didn’t think the person arriving would come. Who is Julian meeting up with at the pub and what is this about?

During Thursday’s show, viewers saw Willow spend some time with Chase and she was clearly rattled at seeing Julian. Viewers have suspected for a while now that Willow would turn out to be the true baby Wiley’s birth mother and it looks like that’s indeed the case. However, she hasn’t shared this with anybody else yet.

Michael knows that Willow is coping with some kind of difficult loss and the two have been dancing around a possible romance. Chase has been courting her too, but fans have a hunch that Willow and Michael may ultimately bond over their respective losses and become a couple. It looks as if the two will spend some quality time together during Friday’s episode.

Charlotte apologized to Aiden for bullying him at school, but General Hospital spoilers confirm that his troubles aren’t over yet. She Knows Soaps notes that something will leave him feeling disappointed during Friday’s show and there is definitely more to his school issues than just Charlotte’s attitude toward him.

Oscar will reach out to help others as he apparently feels a bit better momentarily, and it sounds like he may do what he can to help some other sick kids. In addition, Bobbie will rush to talk with Monica about there being a problem with the Santa they have slated to help out at the GH holiday party.

Josslyn will confront Jason and tear into him over something, perhaps him not telling her what he knew about Oscar’s illness as soon as he knew about it. Jordan will have news to break to Stella, possibly about Mike and Yvonne’s troubles, and Mike will face more confusion as he appears to lose track of all of those latest troubles.

Peter is going to be spending some time with Anna and it looks like Finn will try to engineer a chance for the two to spend some time together without any distractions. Maxie urged Peter to do his part to keep Liesl out of jail, and he went along with it, and now it seems that his next move may be to try to build a relationship with Anna.

Friday’s episode may contain a fair amount of Christmas cheer, but General Hospital spoilers share that there’s plenty of action on other fronts coming up, too. Romances are building and chaos is on the way, and fans will be anxious to see where all of these storylines head next.